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FNF Summer Dance Intensive international workshop im Juli
Autor: Anka_Dance (85.222.99.---)
Datum: 09. Mai 2012 20:15

habt ihr gehoert? siehe mehr Informationen ueber dieses workshop unter

FNF Summer Dance Intensive is back!!! The biggest dance event in Europe is bigger and better than ever!!

As always we tried to bring the best choreographers in the dance world to give you an opportunity to learn the moves and techniques that are hot right now! Of course we always make sure to keep it 100% professional to make sure that you learn from the best! And we did it! We are so happy to announce the choreographers for this years Summer Dance Intensive edition! Some of them have already been a part of our workshops and some we have the pleasure of inviting for the first time ever! Check who will teach you the exquisite choreographies this summer!

Tony Czar - we already had the pleasure of having him teach on both Summer and Winter Dance Intensive editions. Other than that he danced or choreographed for stars such as Britney Spears, Missy Elliott and Jennifer Lopez! He also cooperates with shows such as America’s Best Dance Crew and So You Think You Can Dance.

Candace Brown - choreographer and dancer of one of the most prestigious dance events in the US - ‘Monsters of Hip-Hop’ []

Lee Daniel - he danced and made choreography for stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Jason Derulo. In the meantime he visits Poland to teach during FNF Workshops: []

Luam - this is the first time she will participate in our workshops. We are so excited to have her this year! She just worked with Kelly Rowland on her ‘Motivation’ video and with Beyonce as one of the choreographers for the fierce ‘Run The World (Girls)’ video.

Twitch - the star of So You Think You Can Dance (US) and an amazing dancer!

And many other choreographers such as: Shaun Evaristo, Luther Brown, Brian Green, Twitch and Kamurai Suraj - STAY TUNED we will announce the full list of choreographers SOON!

WHAT: Summer Dance Intensive 2012
WHEN: 1st-20th July 2012
WHERE: Poland (city Sypniewo)

More information coming soon!

Of course you want to know more... Go ahead! Click HERE: []

We are so excited for the summer and it's all because of the Summer Dance Intensive workshops.. How about you? Will you join us?

Make sure to visit (and like winking smiley) our facebook fanpage to share your ideas, meet other dancers, view exclusive footage and for further information on Summer Dance Intensive 2012! []

See YOU soon!

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